PT. Biotek Sarana Industri


PT. Biotek Sarana Industri developed in 2001 is a trading company in the field of hygiene (Pest Control) products

PT. Biotek Sarana Industry is one private enterprise which is engaged in trading of chemical products for pest control in warehouse environment and livestock commodities. The company was founded in 2001. A variety of insecticide products selected with high effectiveness and does not disturb the environment and produced by certified pesticide industry and leading into the company's flagship product. Besides, PT Sarana Biotech Industry has also been developing animal health division, which is a division which handles the marketing of products of animal drugs, feed additive produced mainly by pharmaceutical companies and Europe's leading veterinary medicine.

With a modern enterprise management and healthy, strong marketing network and the support of competent human resources in the field of business conducted, PT Sarana Biotech Industry to be one company that developed and considered by other similar companies in Indonesia. PT Sarana Biotech Industry has been trusted by several manufacturers of insecticides and animal drugs known from Australia, Germany, Spain and China to be the sole marketing agent in Indonesia